【Indoors Warm Water Swimming Pool】

It is one of the most beautiful indoor swimming pools in China. The swimming pool is featured by being supported with lacquer strips internally, a traditional dome with wooden support is constructed, below is a swimming pool decorated with black mosaic, dotted with stone sculpture and comfortable chaise lounges on all sides. On the balcony of the swimming pool, there are two outdoor massaging bathtubs, where you can look at the distant mountains.
Under the palace-like dome with wooden support
Lie in water, and wipe away sweat to relieve pressure
If you are tired after swimming for too long, sit beside the swimming pool
Look at the blue sky, green trees, the mountainous landscape is so beautiful
Here you can enjoy the easiness of ideal cool summer

【While the adults relax, children can also have fun】

While the adults relax, children can also have fun

Special Children’s Swimming Pool of the Mountain Resort

We provide lifesaving rings with various patterns

Children can have fun here to their hearts’ content

Business Hours 08:00am -22:00pm