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Fuchun Resort is the first top-level resort hotel interpreting Chinese Southern architecture style with modern architecture style, it is extremely elegant and comfortable, with modern architecture style of art. The entire resort is planned by Jean-Michel Gathy, a designated designer of Aman Resorts, the hotel has 70 guest rooms, 12 independent lakeside villas and 5 commanding Fuchun villas, all in all, there are 110 guest rooms.

Since its opening up, Fuchun Resort has received many special honors, including “Asia’s Best Resort” credited by World Travel Awards in 2017, one of the Top 10 Chinese Hotel in the golden list of “Condé Nast Traveler” in 2017, “China’s Best Golf Resort” credited by “Golf Digest”, an authoritative American golf magazine, the renowned WLSA-Asia’s Best Golf Resort SPA in 2016 and Asia’s Best Hotel Prize, the first French Golfresort Haugschlag Award in China in 2014.

【Fuchun-Resort Awards List】

2017 | ○ Global Hotel Gold List - International Condé Nast Group - 《CondéNast Traveler》
2016 | ○ Global Hotel Gold List - International Condé Nast Group - 《CondéNast Traveler》

○ Reader's Choice - International Condé Nast Group - 《CondéNast Traveler》

○ Global Hotel Gold List - International Condé Nast Group - 《CondéNast Traveler》

2016 - 2014 | ○ China Boutique Hotel -《 Travel + Leisure 》(China)
2015 | ○ Asia's Best Resort - Tourism Oscars WTA (International)

○ Chinese Best SPA Resort - Tourism Oscars WTA (International)

○ 5-Star Resort Hotel, China - International Hotel Awards(England)

○ Election for the world's best 516 hotels - International Condé Nast Group - 《YUE YOU》 Hotel Gold List

○ Best Resort Hotel - Hotel Awards 2015 - 《Metropolitan》 Magazine

2015 | ○ Best Destination Hotel of the Year - 《Luxury Traveler》 (China)

○ Annual Zhen Award - China Best Design Hotel Award - 《The Bund Pictorial》

○ Asia's Best Hotels - Fuer Ju Hotel France Prix Villégiature Awards (International)

○ Rewarding for 237 Best Hotels in the World - International Condé Nast Group - Gold List at 《YUE YOU》 Hotel

○ Year's Best Reader's Choice Resort - International Condé Nast Group - 《YUE YOU》Reader's Choice for China

○ Best Resort Hotel - China Travel Awards - 《Private Geography Travel 》 (China)

○ Nomination 2015 World Luxury Spa Awards (International)

○ Floral design of the year the best space to know - furnishings China - Crystal Unicorn Award

2014 - 2013 | ○ Best Resort in China - Tourism Academy Oscars WTA (International)

2014 - 2012 | ○ Top Ten Most Popular Holiday Resorts in China - Gold Pillow Award from China Hotel
2014 - 2012 | ○ Most Popular Award - China Best Design Hotel Award - 《The Bund》 (China)

○ Best Value Luxury Vacation Products - Forbes Living & Traveling

○ Best Green Hotel - China Travel Awards - 《Private Geography Travel +》 (China)

2013 - 2011 | ○ Best Boutique Hotel -《YUE YOU Travel + Leisure》 (China)
2012 | ○ Chinese Best SPA Resort - Tourism Oscars WTA (International)




2011 | ○ FUCHUN_GLORY_26
2011 - 2006 | ○ Best Resort in China - Tourism Academy Oscars WTA (International)

2009 | ○ FUCHUN_GLORY_27
2007 | ○ FUCHUN_GLORY_28
2005 | ○ FUCHUN_GLORY_29

【Fuchun Team】

【Project】【Designer】【Background and main experience】
Overall Plan Jean-Michel Gathy One of the Royal designer, a total of 31 global design security in the eight boutique, representative works of the Summer Palace, Lhasa Regis Resort Hotel, Fuchun Shanju is the first Chinese works, but also the most representative Chinese style works
Course Design Daniel Obermeyer
Golfscape Ltd.
Gary Player Design Group Chief Designer
Interior Design Jaya Ibrahim He is one of the 'Design Top 100' by Architectural Digest Magazine in January 2002. His works include An Feng Fa Yun, Yi He An Zhuo, Fu Chun Shan Ju, Shanghai Pu Li Hotel, Hoi An Nan Hai Hotel, etc. , Has passed away
Planting Landscaping Daya international landscape design company Master of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University / Landscape Design of Many Famous Stadiums at Home and Abroad
Aesthetic Consultant Ling Chung Yong Taiwan's famous florist, CN Flower ownerd
Lawn Maintenance Imamura Ltd., Fukuoka Japan Japan Fukuoka's largest golf course integrated design and construction of conservation professionals
Mechanical and electrical design ABX Ingenerie CLUB MED, GHM Hotels
Lighting Planning Nathan Thompson Aman / GHM / Rosewood Group designated lighting designer